Monday, April 17, 2006

Ben and Miftah

This is me and my lovely counterpart Miftahul Rachmet (Miftah).
This man can eat lightbulbs and hails from the legendary lad called Banten. Apparantly in Banten all people can fly and goats are the keepers of the secret of longevity!

We will be paired together for accommodation and work placemtn for the 6 months that I am away. He is a comedy legend and is a true laugh a minute. The trouble is that is him juts being normal and his accent cracks me up so much that I have invested in a lovely pair of incontenance pants.

Everything he says is follwed by the phrase 'very much'. For example he said 'need to eat, very much eat' and also' kamu kuching, very much kuching' ( naughty cat, very much naughty cat).

I will start this little ditty with an introduction into the normality of life in the host home. The little rambling place ful of photos of Pa Agung in differening stages of paraglliding landings on the walls and the many cats that roam and shit freely all over the place.
Pa Agung muts have a bob or two stasked away somewhere as he does have the biggest DVD collection one has ever seen. He has all these Asians pirates that are not even out in the UK yet and are incredible playable quality. But the mian problem happens to be his penchant for bloody Jacmie Chan movies.
Pa Agung which actually translates as Mr. Big lives with his slave, sorry I mean daughter who even though she told me she is a student never seems to leave the house. Meanwhile Pa Agung gounges himself on all sorts of exotic foodstuffs and tries to feed me up. He cannot understand the term 'I am full'. But he is a delightful cook as he owned a reatuarent in Amstedam for about 13 years. He said that his flat would shake from the noise made from the Amsterdam arena when Ajax scored.
The house apart rom me and Miftah has only two people living in it. Pa Agung and his 17 year old daughetr Invy. But why are there always hundreds of randoms hanging about the place. I know that the upsiars are student accommmodation. I never see them but can hear them. Indo students are nothing like British students. You do hear their loud music, but as soon as ten pm comes they all are tucked up in bed like good little citizens. Very odd. I want to track them down and go to a rave with them, but alas I dont think late night antics have been invented here.
o what is there to do on a Friday night?
Answers on a postcard to Ben, bewildered in Indonesia.


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