Monday, April 17, 2006

Some of the lingo

Here for your practice at homw with the cat, Grandmother or next door's delightful; daughter are som of the Indo-Lingo. The language created by a committee in the 1920's to unite the worlds largest archepelego in speech. Ladies and gents I give you Bahasa Indonesian for beginners......

  • You are naughty- Kamu Nakal
  • You are a red Monkey - Kamu Monyet Merah
  • So beautiful - apik tenan
  • I want to go to the toilet - Soya mau pergi ke kamar kecil
  • walk - jalan
  • walking - jalan-jalan
  • prostitute - jalang
  • cat - kuching
  • Thankyou - Terima Kasih
  • Good morning - salamat pagi
  • see you tomorrow - sampai besok
  • Man - pria
  • Woman - wanita
  • Pregnant - hamil

What a wondeful language.

The picture are of dirty street corn on the cob and us doing our very own version of a pantomime performing monkey in the mayors ofice with our clappy dance thing extravaganza!


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